the cdThe “Destination Lounge” series brings you the best in chillout/downtempo/nu jazz from around the world. We kick things off in San Francisco with a compilation that captures the sounds coming from local clubs and lounges such as Foreign Cinema, Laszlo, Swig, Levende Lounge, and more. Grab a martini and chill to DestinationLounge San Francisco.


Destination Lounge San Francisco

This 2 disc set includes a lush 28 page glossy insert filled with information on San Francisco nightlife destinations and detailed bios of the top local artists featured in the cd. It's beautifully packaged using high quality and environmentally sound materials.

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relax Relax Disc

01 Arabian Eyes : Julius Papp presents Lazy Daze**
02 Milan : Karsh Kale
03 Kese Kese : Cheb i Sabbah
04 North South East West : Romanowski**
05 Genevieve : Greyboy
06 Molihta, The One I Love : Godess Gaia
07 Transitions : Mystery School Ensemble
08 Dundadeova : dZihan & Kamien
09 Phi-loq : Floex
10 Awaken : Karmacoda
11 Auto-focus : Joonbug **
12 Temptress : Sutro**

revive Revive Disc mixed by DJ F

01 The Night (Andy Caldwell Mix) : Miguel Migs
02 Listen to the Fog : DJ F ft. Hilary**
03 Fall Into you : Soulstice
04 Palmetto : the Counselor ft. DJ F on sax**
05 Summertime : Jay-J ft. Latrice Barnett
06 What I Want : Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble feat. Ilayali
07 Make My Heart : Jay-J ft. Latrice Barnett
08 Gotta Keep Movin : Julius Papp ft. D'Layna
09 Get Down (Movido Mix) : K Hand
10 Body Move : Rick Preston***
11 I Can't Do That : Hayley**
12 Hurtin' Me : Chris Lum ***

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As you enjoy our track samples, please note that ** denotes an exclusive Destination Lounge San Francisco track, not available anywhere else. Tunes marked with *** were previously only available on 12" vinyl.